Minamoto Co.,Ltd.
November, 2015
Business Contents:
1. Development, Wholesale, Distribution our original products
2. Import and distribution the overseas products
3. Support import the overseas products
Head Office location:
3477 Mushikake,
Tsuchiura-city, Ibaraki 300-0066 Japan
PHONE: +81 (0)29-896-8402
FAX: +81 (0)29-896-8403
Minamoto Co.,Ltd. was established in November, 2015.  The first things to started was import and development the
“Super Jet Chamber” system for the Toyota 86.  “Super Jet Chamber” is the one of cold air intake system developed for
the non turbo cars.  Mostly the air intake systems sold are for the turbo cars.  There are differences between the turbo cars
and non turbo cars  are requesting.  That’s why we started working on for better result.
It took a while for the development and finally our “Super Jet Chamber” system for 86 could unveiled in April, 2016.
However, the products are still in the development stage and the “Super Jet Chamber” kit for the
TOYOTA 86/SUBARU BRZ had finally released on the June, 2016.
After released the products, the customer had some request for better result.  We listen to their voice and start development
for that.  Then the product “Heat Panel” had released.  Most company try to make their own idea for the development.
However, the important things for development is “what the people need and looking forward”.
This is most important things which we believes.

The reason for chose the TOYOTA 86 for the first car we work for is TOYOTA dealership.
Most of dealership does not take any after market products for installation their own facility.
But the TOYOTA started to produce “AREA 86” in each dealership to start modify the 86 in dealership.
It means the TOYOTA admit aftermarket products to their cars.  It gives a lot of volume for the expand aftermarket products.
Also, TOYOTA build the society calls “86 Society” for the owners communication tool.  There are information of meeting,
aftermarket products, and more.

Currently, TOYOTA closed the “AREA 86” and change over to “GR Garage (Gazoo Racing Garage)”
to more professional services.
Minamoto Co.,Ltd. is going to expand more to show our products now.