Minamoto Heat Panel Type.I

Non turbo cars like TOYOTA 86/SUBARU BRZ owners had a lot of request for the thermal barrier plate.
Here we announce the Minamoto heat plate Type.I for TOYOTA 86/SUBARU BRZ!
Minamoto heat plate Type.I is designated for Super Jet Chamber for the TOYOTA 86 / SUBARU BRZ.

At the present time, main ECU (Engine Control Unit) is really smart.  The car measures a lot of data and
adjusted by itself.  Specially the non turbo vehicle checks the intake air temperature and check the knocking.
After find the engine has knocking, ECU adjust the firing timing slower to protect the engine.
However, the car sold contemporary has thought of fuel consumption, and engine gets hotter when the ECU
adjust the firing timing slower.
The intake air temperature is really important that may cause the loosing power.
A lot of TOYOTA 86/SUBARU BRZ owner had consult on the intake air temperature.

Minamoto’s main point of view to develop the product is makes the things what customer is requesting.

It is important to solve the anxiety factor.


Minamoto Heat Panel Type.I designated for Super Jet Chamber TOYOTA 86/SUBARU BRZ
¥34,980-(ex sales Tax)
Part Number: SJH001

TOYOTA 86/SUBARU BRZ Super Jet Chamber with Minamoto Heat Panel Type.I set
¥125,980-(ex sales Tax)
Part Number: 

TOYOTA 86/SUBARU BRZ Super Jet Chamber with Minamoto Heat Panel Type.I &Type.II set
¥151,980-(ex sales Tax)
Part Number: SJS002

Commitment point of Minamoto Heat Panel

*shut out the engine heat to the Super Jet Chamber
*The material uses 2mm thickness aluminum plate for heat dissipation and strength
*Chamber box has space for the oil cooler piping
(It may need modification depends oil cooler model)
*Light weight
*Japan made high quality and accuracy



Minamoto Heat Panel type.2 is compatible model with TOYOTA 86 / SUBARU BRZ OEM intake system.
People believes the after market air intake systems breathe engine heat.  TOYOTA 86 / SUBARU BRZ has
exhaust manifold sits beneath the OEM intake system.  It increase the engine room’s temperature.
The TOYOTA 86 / SUBARU BRZ had designed to release the heat from the bottom.
Minamoto Heat Panel type.2 had designed to rectification the radiator fan’s blow to the bottom.
It also set below the crank sensor for the protection.


Minamoto Heat Panel Type2 for TOYOTA 86/SUBARU BRZ (OEM intake system compatible)
28,980 JPY (ex Japan sales tax
Parts number: SJH002

Minamoto HEAT PANEL TYPE.II Gun Coat model

38,980 JPY (ex Japan sales tax)
Gunmetal  Parts number: SJH003
Black  Parts number: SJH004

New version of Minamoto Heat Panel Type2 released!!
We have not paint to not lose the potential of heat panel.  It is heat dissipation and weight.
However the Gun Coat is the one to make better heat dissipation.  Gun Coat is the one US
military designated paint because of it hardness and increases of potential.

*Left image=Gunmetal,  Right image=Black