Suspension is important to gives you comfortable or sports driving.
If the user request comfortable to sports drive, most of suspension system can not be
handle the wide range that request.  The reason we chose the SPIRIT racing shocks are
the quality.  It has 20 notch adjustable coil over suspension system.  Most of suspension system
has 30 to 40 notches for the adjustment, however it is hard to tell the difference for 1 notch.
And most of them are using light spring rate as 6 to 8 kgf /mm for the TOYOTA 86 / SUBARU BRZ.
These suspension system can be used 8 to 10 kgf / mm springs.  If the user chose more hard springs,
The suspension will not work correctly.


Minamoto M-Spec is the one we tested and change the specification for our set up with
high quality SPIRIT Racing shocks.



Model Front upper mount Rear upper mount F spring R spring Price
SPEC-N Non adjustable rubber
upper mount
Non adjustable rubber
upper mount


12Kg/mm 228,000 JPY
SPEC-N+ Adjustable pillow
upper mount
Non adjustable rubber
upper mount
10Kg/mm 12Kg/mm 248,000 JPY
SPEC-R Adjustable pillow
upper mount
Adjustable pillow
upper mount
10Kg/mm 12Kg/mm 288,000 JPY