Super Jet Chamber

Patent #: 6355603
Trade mark#: 5846122

“Super Jet Chamber” had finally passed and got patent!
The patent on the air intake system are mostly owned by the automotive manufacturer.
It is really tight to apply the patent for the car air intake system.

Mostly the air intake chamber system is separated air filter and chamber room.  However,
the “Super Jet Chamber” is integrated system filter and chamber.
It afford smaller space to have both  ability.

Funnel piece has adjustable valves and could fix the capacity and air speed.  Each engine has
different character and requires speed or capacity.  “Super Jet Chamber” is the one can be fixed
these point.  There are many intake system, but most of them are not adjustable.

The strong point of “Super Jet Chamber” is wide range of car models even the Hybrid cars.
Hybrid cars are mainly using electric power on the city drive.  The engine starts when the battery
are gets short or driving high way.  The “Super Jet Chamber” gives fast acceleration for the charge
And high way drive.

Unit price: 65,000 JPY(ex / Japan sales tax)
*This price for the Universal unit only and not included the intake pipes to installation.

Intake pipe set

Our intake pipe set are specially made for the each model to not reduce the air speed.
It gives you the best effort on the specification.  Intake pipes has the sensor brackets,
and other things need.  It will help easy installation.
And adjust and tested the pipe angle to gives smooth air to not reduce the air speed.
(For the best effort, recommend to set up the ECU)
The pipes are specially made for the “Super Jet Chamber” and may not be used for
the third parties intake system.

Detail of “Super Jet Camber”


1 Quick acceleration
* Structure of Super Jet Chamber gives fast air speed.
Fast air speed makes quick acceleration.

2 Wide range of usage
Valve adjustment system makes better fuel economy.
Super Jet Chamber provides you sport and the fuel economy drive.

3 Non replaceable filter system 
Stainless mesh filter gives non replaceable
3 layered stainless filter makes strong.
70 micron stainless mesh filter remove more than 90% of dust in the air.
* 3 layered stainless mesh filter reduce the air resistance on the high rpm.
* It is economy to use washable filter system.

4 Excellent intake sounds
* Carbon fiber chamber and adjustable valve makes excellent intake sound.
* Adjustable valve changes the intake sounds.

5 Carbon fiber body makes luxury look and effect 
*Carbon fiber body saves from the heat and provide cooler intake air temperature.

6 Compact design
* Filter has directly connected to the funnel and makes smooth intake air flow.
* Integrated system of Body, Chamber, and filter makes compact.

Structure of Super Jet Chamber

Super Jet Chamber installed image

Super Jet Chamber Universal Mounting bracket

The Universal mounting bracket comes with 2 pcs straight bar and bolts set.

Price: 3,000 JPY(ex / Japan sales tax)

Super Jet Chamber Promotion

Dynapack test data

We have tested the difference on Dynapack for genuine, third party, and Super Jet Chamber intake system.
*each result can be larger image when you click the each image file.

Circuit driving test result
Tsukuba Circuit  course: TC2000 (length: 2,045m)

To makes equal condition, we have requested to test drive to the time attacker “Kunihiko Bando” who drives
full carbon fiber exterior JZZ30 SOARER for the Tsukuba circuit Time attack.
All the test result are made only changing the air intake system.

*The test result made with our demonstration vehicle (TOYOTA 86), and the result may be
difference depends on the car, car set up, and condition.